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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Transformational Leadership Council?

The Transformational Leadership Council was established in July of 2004 by Jack Canfield. We are a group of thought leaders, speakers, authors, coaches, trainers, researchers, consultants, and others who are leaders in the fields of personal and professional development. We meet twice a year to network, connect, and learn from each other in order to enhance our effectiveness and contribution in the world.

What if I'd like to join the Transformational Leadership Council?

The only way to become a member is to be nominated by a member. There is currently no established process by which individuals who do not have a personal connection with an existing member may apply or be nominated.

Board of Directors

Jack Canfield, President, Founder
Pete Bissonette, Secretary, Treasurer
Ray Blanchard

Bobbi DePorter, Vice President
Lisa Garr

Kian Gohar

Ivan Misner

Stewart Emery, Emeritus

Marci Shimoff, Emeritus

Donna Steinhorn, Emeritus

How do I speak with a member?

Contact information can be found on the members' individual websites.

I have a business or media opportunity for the Transformational Leadership Council.

Feel free to send a detailed proposal to us here.

Which member would have the product or service best for my needs?

Feel free to review each member's website to determine who to contact. The organization cannot make recommendations for you, nor can we put out a request to the members.

How can I do work for the Transformational Leadership Council?

The Transformational Leadership Council is not seeking volunteers or paid staff members.

What is the relationship to "The Secret" DVD and book?

Many of the members of the Transformational Leadership Council were filmed by Rhonda Byrne for "The Secret" at our 2005 event in Aspen, Colorado.

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